Monday, May 9, 2022

Dear Mom Anniversary #8

 Dear Mom, 

This weekend should have been hard. The anniversary of your death and Mother's Day-a double whammy.
I still miss you every day. I really, really do, but this year it was different for me. I looked at a picture of Lee and her boys and she reminded me so much of you-she was even wearing a lipstick color that you might have worn-and they were all smiles and you could tell that they really loved each other and you would have smiled at the picture, I know you would have. While I spent my Saturday with my baby Lauren, Gilmar, and Mike-your youngest granddaughter graduated from Auburn. She really did it -and the look on her momma's face-she's just so very proud. We all are. Imagine your baby Casey a college girl  and the first grandchild to graduate out of state. Your son put a beautiful cross on your grave and on Nanny's too. I was worried about having flowers but Pat took care of it.  I didn't make the trip down because Lauren and Mike had made plans to come up and I had been doing so well. No deep depression. I haven't had to stop the car to catch my breath and wipe the tears and to be honest I haven't had the time-I'm trying to be you now. You tried to tell me how wonderful grandchildren are... And they are. They fill my heart with so much love and joy. It's hard to have room for anything else. Oh, when they reach out for you, grab your finger, or smile. So much love. I get to watch Robyn go through it too. Remember "we don't have ugly babies in our family?"  We really don't. Robyn's Everly is a stunning red head. Just stunning. Paul's Parker has the best baby smile and David with his dark beautiful hair is quite the looker too. They are all so precious. I'm loving them as hard as I can just because I want too, but I know you would have too. 
And mom, my crazy hillbilly is crazy about them too. I can't imagine a man loving my grandchildren as much as I do but he does. With every ounce of his being. Just one more reason to love him.
And none of this would be possible without you. None of it. 
You just keeping on giving love and blessings and I can't thank you enough. 

Monday, April 18, 2022

Heart tugs

 Every once in a while, I come across a picture that tugs at my heart. Jody sent me this picture and I love it.

Oh my David


It's so hard to write this. My sweet little grandson, your mom hasn't had it easy and I thought she might never have a child of her own. Then she got pregnant with you and we were very, very excited. Then there was a terrible car accident and your granny spent all night praying for you and your safety as she has every night since. You came into this world like it was no big deal. Ready to learn which face went with what voice. You've already given us so much joy and you haven't been out of the womb 48 hours. Can't wait to hold you again and I just left your house. All my love Granny.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Fern Falls Waterfall #2 2022

 Just south of Jasper, next to the Highway Seven sign there's a path that leads down a hill that leads to Fern Falls:

Monday, April 4, 2022

Lessons from Parker

 As old as I am, I'm not to old to learn from a much, much younger person. I tell myself that I already knew these things and just needed to be reminded, but the credit goes to my youngest grandson Parker.

1.One of the best places to be is in someone's arms especially if they love you.

2.If you don't like your surroundings, look at them from a different angle. Just changing positions can make everything look a little differently.

3.Smile at someone when they tell you that they love you(you won't believe how much it will warm their heart).

4. Love is like a diaper-there's always room for just a little bit more.

5. Laugh when things get really shitty, you'll still have to deal with the poop, but it'll be a lot more fun.

All in all, I'm reminded how quickly things change. Parker is holding his head up now. He recognizes colors and voices and before too long he'll have a little cousin.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Adventures with Parker

 Parker has officially spent the night at my house (his Granny). He's also christened me, but it was really ok since he was laughing (and let's be truthful at least it wasn't poop). I've fed him a bottle and he's taken a pacifier. He's posed for numerous photos and been licked on and fawned over by the wiener brigade. He was a trooper posing in the Easter Eggs, but the paint on his feet? He could have skipped that part. I'm sure it tickled a little bit. All in all, I'm excited as to what the future holds.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Easter photo project

 If you look at these pictures, I want you to understand that Parker 's mommy had just as much fun with this as I did. Also the bassinet is over 60 years old. Dwight used it as a baby.