Monday, October 9, 2017

Hayes Falls

Down  beautiful road 113 in Colorado, you'll see a sign for Hays Falls. It's a short easy hike to the Falls and very pretty. It's just a little ways past the ovens.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Down a dirt road in Colorado

Our plans traveling Colorado changed a little bit due to some unexpected snow and very cold temperatures. Sorry, I consider nineteen degrees a little too cold to go hiking. So we went off the beaten path and found some really pretty scenery.

All of these were taken off of "Keebler Pass".

Monday, October 2, 2017

Oscar and Dixie's Big Adventure Day 7

Today we traveled to New Mexico. We also did a little traveling down Route 66 known as the Mother Road. We went through part of Texas and made a little stop in Oklahoma. Mom and Dad picked up a little twerp named Harley. We may consider being friends if he ever stops biting our butts with his little sharp teeth.

Oscar and Dixie's big adventure day six-Ouray

Today we made it Ouray, Colorado. It's a small town down in a valley. We're staying at the River's Edge Motel and we got to go to a dog park. Oscar made lots of friends and Dixie did not hurt or growl at anyone. You can still see snow on the mountain tops.

Oscar and Dixie's big adventure day five

Today Dad drove us through forests of even bigger aspen trees. We went forty six miles down a dirt road! We saw cows just standing in the road-they would move if we barked at them, but who leaves cows in the road?  We eventually made it to Gunnison where we visited the Black Canyon. Did you know that if you bark in the bottom of a canyon your bark will echo for several minutes? Blame it all on the chipmunk.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Oscar and Dixie'so big adventure day four

Today we went over the Independence Pass. It was very cold and windy. Dad had to break the ice so we could get a drink. Then we stopped and hiked through some large rocks. Mom and Dad had been here before. Most of the trees are yellow aspens. We got to see another waterfall.

Oscars and Dixie'so big adventure day three

Today we saw even more snow. Dad drove to a place called Rifle and we stayed at another motel. Mom was impressed that Oscar remembered which room was ours after dinner. There were about twenty of them in a row and they all looked alike, but he stopped at our door. However, Dad was not happy with us when we
barked at the drunk people stumbling in around one am. We saw a flock of turkeys and a bald eagle too.