Thursday, October 11, 2018

Snuggletime x 4

Our normal snuggle time is around 6:30 am. For some reason, the dogs need to relieve themselves at six. Every day. Sometimes this annoys me as I am not a morning person, but on cold days like today, it makes me laugh. They're out and back in a flash. When they come back, I grab an oversized cup of coffee and we go back to bed until a more respectable hour. I rub there bellies and sip my coffee.  Today Dixie didn't want to go back to her little one and he was howling so I brought him to bed with us. You know three dogs in a bed aren't enough. Dixie immediately went to the foot of the bed and went under the covers. She was sleeping so soundly you could feel her snoring. I  had to laugh. It's been almost thirty years but I remember that new mom exhaustion. Oscar and Harley cuddled up to me and Sampson had to sniff his dad from one end to the other. Oscar got a kiss and for once he was on the receiving end. Sampson wasn't howling and he wasn't looking for his mom which was good because she was dead to the world. No whimpering. No barking. No rough play. Before I knew it, Sampson was curled up next to me and that large coffee was gone way to fast.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Girl, be a Bitch

Girl, be a bitch. No that isn't a misprint. Be a bitch. I'm laughing considering how many times I've heard someone say don't be a bitch. Now before you cop an attitude or assume something nasty, let me tell you "Bitch" was originally meant as a term for a female dog. I've been watching my female dog a lot lately. She listens to her buddies playing outside. Howling at the moon, running around, and her favorite activity-chasing rabbits but she's happy right where she's at-in her basket with her baby. She won't leave her baby just to hop up and run around. Her whole world is in that basket. She watches him around the clock and their is no doubt she loves him with every ounce of her being. I'm not entirely sure she knew what she was getting into when she got pregnant, but that doesn't matter now.  She rarely leaves even to eat.
Males coming to visit? Oh hell no. No one will ever get near that baby without her permission. She'll take on someone twice her size, but he won't get near her precious baby. The father is allowed to look, but only from a distance.
What would happen if every baby was loved that way?
If women gave up activities that took them away from their young? If they guarded them with every ounce of their being? If they loved with all they had?
I know not every mom is perfect. I know that, but I also know that love makes up for a lot of imperfections.
So girl, just go be a bitch and love with all you got.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Birthing puppies

Dixie finally had her puppies. No amount of videos,  articles, books, or interviews prepared me. I know dogs have puppies for centuries , but they aren't mine and don't take up such a huge part of my heart. I love dogs, but Dixie is more than just a dog. She's family.  We went to the vet. Took her temperature,  and noticed she stopped eating and started panting. We rubbed her belly, took her for walks, and had numerous birthing baskets set up. She chose the laundry basket with nice, warm clean blankets and towels. She had contractions for a little more than an hour and then there he was. She opened the sac and cleaned him up and did everything she was supposed to do. The second one took longer and she wasn't breathing. We tried to get her to breathe and so did Dixie. She was cleaning and licking the puppy and we were rubbing her trying to get some kind of movement . We had to stop when another foot made an exit . This one took too long. He was much bigger than the other two and Dixie knew it was too late for him. At that point, I was terrified for Dixie. I don't know how she kept going. I was amazed at her composure.  Her knowledge of knowing what to do next. She's currently loving on her baby. She won't leave him for any reason. I don't blame her. He's pretty precious.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Going the distance

There's a song that has the lyrics "Going the distance" I can't remember much else of the song-not who sings it, or when, but I know it's got a good beat and I should look it up some time. I've had "the distance" on my mind a lot lately. Rocky 1 was on tv and even though he didn't beat Apollo Creed-he went the distance, further than any one else ever had.
And this ties into my life how?
She's due any day. Today is actually her 63rd day. She's gone the distance. She's carried these pups full term. She's healthy and beautiful and she has a wonderfully comic pregnant waddle.
I know dogs have been having puppies for centuries. I know that 90% of the time there are no complications, but if I get any sleep tonight it will be medically induced.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Why I love Cherokee

There's a little Indian reservation in North Carolina  named Cherokee. It's got a small river running through it full of trout and people on tubes. The area is full of wild life.

Then the city has painted bears all throughout the town.

Eventually it got to dark to take pictures and we went to eat.
And this place has sweet tea, ribs, brisket, and biscuits that did the south proud.

Mingo Falls

One of our stops on our vacation was a waterfall. It's on an Indian reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina.  There are 170 steps up. The tourism video says 160, but I counted and there are 170. Really I don't think it matters once you go beyond 100. Then there is a nice, easy walk to the falls.
An amazing sight that pictures just can't capture.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

He gets me

We're on vacation and most of the trip is scheduled around my father in law and planes which is really cool. I'm learning lots of scientific things and history on flying. Then, we checked into the motel near Kitty Hawk just a couple of feet from the beach on an evening with a full moon. My husband even woke me up early so we could watch the sun come up over the ocean.
I love that man. He gets me.