Friday, April 3, 2020

Staying your ass at home

We don't have a mandated order to stay at home. Arkansas is the only Southern state that doesn't have a mandated order, but it's common sense to do it. Stay at home. So many people find it hard to do. Not me. There's so much to do. My quilting has taken off on a life of its own. We have plants throughout the house and the garden is started. Our dogs are learning new tricks. Harley can shake. Midnight is learning to play ball. I'm cleaning the top floor of the house little by little.  Hummingbird feeders are out. The hot tub is functional.  My husband ventured out to the pond and caught a mess of fish so fish fry for dinner. If it wasn't raining,  I'd ask for mushrooms to go with the fish, but since it is raining I think we should work on cleaning the basement tonight.
I miss seeing everyone. I really do. In addition to all these extra fun activities,  I'm praying more than I ever have before.  I pray for the safety of those in our family,  i pray for those in need, and I pray for an end to this virus.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

This picture

Every once in a while, I run across something on Facebook that I can't erase out of my mind. This is one of those images. It reminds me of my son Paul. He's a nurse that is one of those working with patients that have the carona virus. I pray for him daily. I include all the nurses in our family in that prayer. I really don't know what I would do if something should happen to him. I don't want to think about it. Stay safe son.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Thinking what it means

This virus is evil. People will lose their jobs. Businesses will go belly up. Retirement dreams will die, and a lot of people will lose their lives. There will be a lot of sacrifices that have to be made-family gatherings will be extremely limited or nonexistent. Women having babies may have to do so without their partner. Surgeries that need to happen will be postponed.  Funerals will go on and if people are allowed to attend it will be from the safety of their vehicle. If we're lucky, the only thing we're losing is time.
I'm doing ok at this social distancing for now, but my heart longs to hold my kids in a tight bear hug. It kills me not knowing when I'll see them again. My stomach is sick with worry that one of them will get sick. If I'm not worried about them, I'm worried about my husband or my parents or my siblings...the list goes on and on.
Every trip I take to the store (and I really try to wait as long as possible) I wonder if I'll bring some germs home. I sanitize my hands after I pump gas. Sanitize the car, door handles, and my phone. So much so that I worry about damaging the phone. I still have to report to work, but keep as far away from others as possible. So grateful I  have a job.
Going out to eat a meal is a thing of the past. How many times did I take it for granted? The same goes for getting a hair cut or having my nails done(in serious need of a pedicure). Getting together with some friends at a restaurant and having a couple of drinks sounds like heaven now.
We don't know how long this will last or if our favorite places will still be in business... We don't know who will catch this virus or how serious it will be... this not becoming our new normal and I don't care for it one damn bit.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

It's not as as I thought

Today I get to work from home because our company is preparing for the worst. It's not easy staying focused.  I have the door shut to my office.  No Tv, but I still let my mind wander. I'm worried about my kids and this great nation that we live in. What will happen? I sure hope that small businesses can recover. I wish our leaders would show as much compassion as I see around me. People helping others. Every where. It's sad that it takes something like a pandemic to bring out the best of people.  I see the worst too, but so much more good.
Ps working in jammies rocks.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

I did it

Not gonna lie. I got a little teary eyed when I picked up my quilt. It's queen sized and it looks pretty good. Took nine months. Guess you could say it's my baby.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Carona Virus

I don't remember going through a pandemic. I certainly don't remember the President of the United States declaring national state of emergency.  I wouldn't say I've panicked,  but I certainly don't like having my life interupted. I'm making more choices to avoid large gatherings.  Washing my hands every chance I get and washing them for twenty seconds.
I don't miss going to the store, but I miss my garage sales and auctions. I'm scheduled off to go to a kite festival and I doubt that it will go on as scheduled.  Easter is coming and I wander what it will mean for children everywhere.  I worry about the nurses in our family. I question the wisdom of family gatherings,  but I will never miss one. NEVER. Screw this damn virus.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

President's Day

I called my son to see if the horses were running on President's Day.  They were and he wanted to go so we made plans. Then my youngest wanted to go too so we invited the oldest to come with us. Yes, an outing with all three of my kids. Lauren wanted to invite her boyfriend and Paul wanted to bring his girlfriend so plans were made to meet at Lauren's place. On the way down, Beth called and her husband finished work early so Jody was coming too. Lauren's childhood friend joined us at the races and we were off.
I don't know anything about race horses. Paul goes with recommendations from the pros. Jody goes with jockeys on a winning streak.  Lauren bets on dapples. Beth goes with the latest time trials for the horses. I just go with names I like. Names like "Go google yourself", "whoa nellie", and "American butterfly ". Needless to say, I don't get rich but I have fun. I bet on a horse called"Ms. Betty" cause that was my husband's mother's name. A long shot that came in and put me in the black.
Paul and his girlfriend told us he had won four hundred dollars at the black jack table and she had won two hundred. After I cashed in my ticket from Ms. Betty I headed to the casino to see if they would give me some pointers.  I never found them in the casino and I got tired so I sat down at a slot machine and vowed to walk away once I lost ten dollars or I doubled my ten whichever came first. I lost four, then I won six, then lost two, and then the numbers on the machine just went bonkers. I knew I doubled my money, but wasn't really sure that what I saw on the screen was correct.  It was...