Sunday, November 26, 2017

Happy trails problem

I know I'm rude when guests leave my house. Miss Manners would probably advise that I stay on the porch and see every one off, but that's just not possible. At our last celebration as soon as one person would leave-I could spend more time with someone else. I think I hugged everyone before they left-I tried anyway. One by one-they all left and went back to their homes and busy lives except Lee and her boys-I got to enjoy them for one more day. Enjoy them I did. We went to a cave, picked out some pretty rocks, ate at a local restaurant, and went horse back riding-all before two pm. We also saw a bald eagle on the way to the cave.
Technically, I could have watch Lee drive away. Physically not possible. I have a problem saying good bye. I know I'll see them again as soon as possible, but nothing's written in stone and it makes me more than a little sad. It was easy to say goodbye to my kids because Christmas is less than 4 weeks away and they'll come to see me once again. But my youngest nephews? These two are a blessing. They remind me how quickly time flies. It's so much fun to grab them chocolate milk and strawberries with whipped cream, because before too long they'll be too independent to ask. It's a wonderful feeling when one of them reaches out and grabs you by the hand.  Watching them learn and grow-wow...I envy their parents.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

November and giving Thanks

I'm amazed at all the people that can do a daily post on what they're thankful for each day in November. Some of us, can't keep track of a phone that long. While I love Thanksgiving and the food (I've gone over my menu more than once), there's shopping and so much to do before the end of the year. So let me just do one "Thankful" post and be done with that at least ok?
Thanksgiving is technically on the 23rd so let's just keep that number. These are in no particular order.
1. I'm thankful for my health-it's not perfect but I can get out of bed and climb a deer stand.
2. My job-it's not that I love it or have great hours, but I make a decent living and work with some really cool people.
3. I'm thankful for where I live-I realize it's not on the beaten path for anyone, but I can look outside on any given day and take a picture that would make a post card.
4. I'm thankful for my friends-not a super large number, but the ones I have are great.
5. I'm thankful for Oscar-he's currently teaching me a lot about patience. He also shows me how easily it is to love-all the time.
6. I'm thankful for Dixie. She's taught me it's really ok to be different and that you should take something that you love and run with it.
7. I'm thankful for Harley-another lesson in patience, but it's a lesson in how fast things can grow and change.
8. I'm thankful for my husband that knows exactly when to hold me close and when to let me go.
9. I'm extremely thankful for my family.
10. I'm thankful for the things I've learned.
11. I'm thankful for the memories I've made this year-Dad turned 75, Mike married Kate, Dwight and I traveled to Canada, the aspens in Colorado, the snow, ...
12. I'm thankful the tornado that came through our area earlier in the year didn't kill anyone. It made us realize how precious life is.
13. I'm thankful that we got the chance to help others rebuild-it's awesome to be a part of something so strong.
14. I'm thankful that the horses know and love me.
15. I'm thankful for holidays especially one that makes us take a look at all we have.
16. I'm thankful I have a grandson.
17. I'm thankful for sweet tea, strong coffee, and strawberries.
18. I'm thankful for flannel sheets and warm fuzzy blankets.
19. I'm thankful for the hot tub on our back porch.
20. I'm thankful for veterans and all those that have served in our military.
21. I'm thankful God gives us second and third chances.
22. I'm thankful I can think for myself (most of the time).
23. I'm thankful for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I love you more

When I say that I love you more, I don't mean that I love you more than you love me. I mean that I love you more than the bad days ahead of us, more than any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the distance between us. I love you more than any obstacle that could try to come between us.
I love you the most.

Monday, October 30, 2017


Saturday we could be found at the Wienner and Wannabe Dash in Alma, Ar. It was an event to benefit a local charity that helps dogs of all kinds. They started off with a costume parade where the dogs in costumes were judged. I know there were over twenty dogs and the costumes were great.
First place went to our own Harley.
Then the races started. Seven dogs in each heat and four dachshund heats followed by a wannabe race for the other dogs. Dixie ran in the first heat and came in second so she qualified for the final race. Then went second heat. Oscar was in the third heat. Honestly, I just entered Oscar so he'd get some extra exercise.  He's a little chubby and doesn't run very often. A train came by just before his race and he couldn't get to me fast enough. He qualified for the final race too. I am so proud of him. Up next was Loki, he had never run in a race with so many dogs and especially not in front of a crowd. First place for Loki.  All three of our runners were in the final race. Dixie came in third. No train to help Oscar this time. Personally, I don't think Loki had enough time to recover from his prior race. All in all an exciting day.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

#me too

Have you seen someone use the status #me too? It's a movement to bring awareness about all the women that have been victims of sexual assault or harassment.  You might have lost track as to how many times you saw it posted.  I know I lost count the too, but in the back of my mind I kept a running tally. For every one of my friends that used that status, I know three that didn't.  Maybe they just wanted to forget. Maybe it's  too painful to remember. Maybe like me, they just didn't want to talk about it or acknowledge that it happened. It didn't just happen. Unfortunately,  it's not something in the past. It's every where. Those women are your sisters, your daughters, your wife, your friends and maybe even your mother. It happens to women of every shape, age, and color. Let that sink in. Your grandma might not be safe.
It needs to stop. It should no longer be socially acceptable.  People need to be punished for this kind of behavior.  Your daughter will thank you.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

And then there were three

I thought long and hard about adding another dog to our family. In fact, I had even told the lady that had the pups if there was any violence, we couldn't take him. Oscar and Dixie sniffed him from one end to the other and he was on the way to Arkansas with us.
That's been almost three weeks ago and now it's hard to imagine life without Harley. He's mastered the dog steps. He can climb in to our rather tall bed all by himself. Once there, he snuggles with me or Oscar. Dixie doesn't cuddle with Harley at all, but to be honest she won't snuggle with Oscar either. But she will play with him. They chase each other and try to rip off ears, sweaters, and legs. There's lots of barking and running. Oscar gets into the action too.
All in all, potty training is going as well as it can with an eight week old pup-it would be better if he could go down steps too, but he's started to howl when he needs down and I haven't had to wash my sheets every single night so progress is being made.
I wish I could say he hasn't destroyed anything. I wish. So far, we've lost a phone charger and one power cord(scary I know), but no shoes or underwear.
So far he's really happy doing whatever Oscar and Dixie are doing. He takes naps. Helps feed the chickens. He runs down the steps with them and has mastered the steps back up into the kitchen where he gets a treat for "going" outside.
Dwight has become his buddy. They love sharing Nacho Cheese Doritos and watching Chuck Norris.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Hayes Falls

Down  beautiful road 113 in Colorado, you'll see a sign for Hays Falls. It's a short easy hike to the Falls and very pretty. It's just a little ways past the ovens.